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Healthy Driven Chicago

Take an Active Role in Your Health

Do you know what steps you need to take to protect your health? Learn how Healthy Driven Chicago can help provide the info, tools and tips you need to take an active role in feeling your best.

Take an Active Role in Your Health

By Mary Lou Mastro

Remember – what you do today directly impacts how you’ll feel tomorrow. We’ll help you take an active role in feeling your best.

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This month, learn about the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make after being diagnosed with the condition, including nutrition and exercise ideas.

Healthy Driven Chicago

is focused on helping you take charge of your health. Our medical expert-driven content will help you better understand your health, including the steps you can take today to stay healthy and fit for years to come.

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Five Lifestyle Changes to Take Control of Diabetes

By Dr. Sudha Yalamanchi

Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? You are likely wondering what this diagnosis means for your overall health. Type 2 diabetes means your body is unable to use insulin properly. This can lead to too much sugar circulating in ...

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What Should I Eat if I Have Diabetes?

By Elizabeth Jones, RD, CDE

If you have diabetes, what you eat can greatly impact your overall health and how you feel. Fortunately, managing your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be done by making simple, sustainable changes to your diet. Moderation ...

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Seven Ways Diabetes Affects Your Health

By Cheryl Boss, NP, CDE

Achieving your best health means learning how to manage diabetes. Doing so can help you delay or avoid health complications down the road. High blood sugar can lead to serious health problems by damaging the way your ...

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