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The coronavirus pandemic is constantly evolving and the media is flooded with information about the outbreak. Everyone is at risk, especially older adults and people with serious chronic health conditions. To help slow the spread of disease, practice good hygiene, stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. If you suspect you may have coronavirus disease, call your health care provider to learn next steps.

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Facts About Coronavirus Disease

By Dr. Sanjeeb Khatua

It’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety and uncertainty of the coronavirus situation, but the best way to stay calm is to learn the facts.

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Eight Ways to Stay Busy and Active While at Home

By Healthy Driven Chicago

When you’re stuck at home, staying busy and active can help create a sense of normalcy and help you feel more productive.

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Tips for Managing Your Anxiety About Coronavirus

By Dr. Aaron Weiner

It’s critical that we are measured in our concern, and make intentional efforts to not to let our anxiety of the coronavirus get the better of us.

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