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What to Expect After Giving Birth

By Dr. Kimberly Bannon

Contrary to popular belief, recovering from childbirth doesn’t happen in a matter of hours or days.

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Should You Choose a Midwife?

By Mary Saracco

A large part of midwifery’s appeal is its focus on personalized care.

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What is Abnormal Uterine Bleeding?

By Dr. James Nitti

Although it’s not often talked about, abnormal uterine bleeding is a common condition among reproductive-age women.

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Exercises for a Healthier Heart

By Jen Alberto

Your heart is like any other muscle in your body – it can be strengthened with regular exercise.

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10 Tips for Eating Heart Healthy

By Mary Gardner

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your heart health.

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Catherine’s Story: The Lifesaving Power of Heart Scans

By Catherine Smith

Catherine has taken steps to manage her risk by watching her weight, getting regular exercise and eating healthy, but even a careful lifestyle wasn’t enough ...

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Helping Kids Achieve a Healthy Weight

By Dr. Victoria Uribe

If your child is overweight, you might think he or she will eventually grow into those extra pounds. But this isn’t always the case. ...

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Six Tips for Meal Planning with Kids

By Heather Bautista

Planning your meals in advance greatly increases the odds you’ll eat a more nutritious diet.

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Four Ways for Kids to Get Active at Home

By Steve Thurston

While achieving a healthy weight is an excellent reason for kids to get enough physical activity, their motivation is usually more about having fun.

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