Eight Superfoods for Women

By Healthy Driven Chicago

You’ve likely come across the word “superfoods.” But what does it really mean and how do these foods affect your health?

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When Should Teens See a Gynecologist?

By Dr. Erica Smith

Even if your teenager is healthy, it’s important to begin establishing a relationship with a gynecologist sooner rather than later.

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Letting Go of the Supermom Myth

By Lindsey Harrington

These days, being a regular mom isn’t enough.

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Five Tips to Support a Loved One with a Mental Health Condition

By Dr. Kelly Ryan

One in five adults experiences a diagnosable mental health condition.

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Overcoming Alcohol Use Disorder

By Beth Menges

For many, drinking alcohol is a central part of socializing.

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How Social Media Affects Body Dysmorphic Disorder

By Megan Raupp

Using social media for 30 minutes a day can change the way you view your body.

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Finding the Right Fit for Healthier Feet

By Dr. Eric Meshulam

Today, there are countless footwear options.

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Everything You Need to Know About Plantar Fasciitis

By Dr. Sakeena Haq

About one in 10 adults will experience plantar fasciitis during their lifetime.

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10 Common Foot Conditions

By Dr. William Noorlag

Foot problems are common and a majority of men and women will experience an issue at some point during their lives.

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