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Getting Help for Depression

By Dr. Walter Whang

Depression affects all aspects of a person’s life making it difficult to function normally and accomplish everyday tasks.

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Beating Common Depression Stigmas

By Dr. Susan Ahmari

Although depression is common, there are still many misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the condition.

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Raising the Bar on Safe Care in Hospitals

By Sherri Hill

Safe care in hospitals isn’t a given – it‘s the result of diligent effort from every member of the care team. Edward-Elmhurst Health takes a ...

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Elevating the Patient Experience

By Pamela Dunley

Many healthcare organizations talk about providing patient-centered care. But what does that really mean? At Edward-Elmhurst Health, we make sure patients have the best possible ...

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Take Charge of Your Health

By Mary Lou Mastro

Meet Healthy Driven Chicago – a new program focused on helping people achieve optimal health. The program is made possible through a partnership between Edward-Elmhurst ...

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