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What Triggers Migraines?

By Dr. Anna Sorokin

There are several treatments available but one of the best ways to avoid migraine pain is to learn what triggers them.

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Top Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

By Dr. James Lengemann

As the years go by, Americans are getting heavier and less active. These factors are directly related to the increased prevalence of diabetes.

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Understanding Prediabetes and How to Prevent it

By Julie Sanfillipo

Chances are you or someone you love is living with prediabetes. However, you can successfully manage prediabetes by getting your blood sugar under control through ...

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Seven Factors to Know When Managing Diabetes

By Dr. Susan Hudec

So you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Now what? To help you get up to speed, here are answers to a few commonly asked ...

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Primary Care Physician

By Dr. Mais Trabolsi

If you don't already have a Primary Care Physician, it's time to find one. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking ...

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Emergency Care for the Smallest Patients

By Dr. Jennifer McNulty

There are few things more frightening than having to take your child to the hospital with a serious illness or injury. But you can rest ...

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Which Level of Care is Right for Me?

By Dr. Daryl Wilson

It's often not a matter of receiving care. It's about finding the right place to get the care you need while ensuring you don't pay ...

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Windy City Live: Heart Health

By Healthy Driven Chicago

Dr. Michelle Meziere and Wendy Murphy from Edward-Elmhurst Health appeared on a recent episode of Windy City Live on ABC7 to answer common questions about ...

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Your Heart’s Rhythm: Treatments to Stay on Beat

By Dr. Cash Casey

The heart beats automatically and usually runs smoothly, efficiently and accurately. But sometimes it can short-circuit leading to an abnormal heartbeat.

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