Breast Cancer

Five Tips to Reduce Risk for Breast Cancer

By Dr. Sania Raza

You can’t control some risk factors, such as family history, genetics and ethnicity. However, you can influence others by following these lifestyle tips.

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Are Men at Risk for Breast Cancer?

By Dr. Mohammed Azeem

When most men think about breast cancer, they think about it in terms of the women in their life. But did you know men can ...

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Who Should Join a Breast Cancer Support Group?

By Jessica Schnase, RN, MSN, OCN, CBCN

Facing breast cancer alone can be overwhelming, but facing it with others makes it easier.

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Maria’s Story: Beating Breast Cancer

By Dr. Amaryllis Gil

Chicagoland resident Maria Westphal was taking a swim on a sunny Tuesday afternoon when she first noticed something didn’t feel right between her breast and ...

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A Guide to Breast Self-Exams

By Dr. Soina Baweja

Finding a lump is the most recognizable breast cancer symptom. But there are additional signs to watch for to help detect cancer during its earliest ...

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Detecting Breast Cancer During the Earliest Stages

By Dr. Christine Gresik

Detecting breast cancer during its earliest stages empowers women to be active participants in their care.

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