Nine Tips to Maintain Mental Health

By Elizabeth Hill

Even though times are challenging, there are steps you can take to feel better.

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Tips to Cope with Grief During the Pandemic

By Rev. Karen Swiderski

Losing a loved one is always difficult. As many in our world have sadly learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, coping with grief and loss is ...

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How to Keep Kids Safe this Fall During COVID-19

By Dr. Victoria Uribe

As parents prepare their children for fall, Dr. Victoria Uribe offers a few tips on preparing kids for life during a pandemic.

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Young Adults Need to Take COVID-19 Seriously

By Healthy Driven Chicago

As people deal with the challenges of life during COVID-19, many young adults continue to gather in large groups, not wear masks and disregard coronavirus ...

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What COVID-19 Tests Should You Know About?

By Dr. Alvaro Candel

We’ve heard about different tests for COVID-19, but what exactly are they used for and how do they differ?

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Nurses on the Frontline

By Healthy Driven Chicago

Kelly Bratsos and Kristin Hassett appeared on ABC7’s Windy City Live to share their experiences and what it’s like working on the frontline in the ...

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Stop the Spread of COVID-19

By Mary Lou Mastro

Keep your guard up and remember that we all need to continue being careful. We're in this together and we’ll get through it in time. ...

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Coping With COVID-19 Grief

By Trish Fairbanks, MSN, RN

There’s a lot to grieve right now. For some people, it’s being unable to spend time in person with family and friends.

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Kristin’s Story: “There are positives to be found.”

By Healthy Driven Chicago

For nurses working on the COVID-19 frontline, no two days are the same. But one thing that remains constant is the high level of care ...

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