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Involving Parents in Behavioral Health Treatment

Join us for an educational seminar on how to teach validation skills to parents and reduce enabling.

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Improve Your Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength, Monday

This class will improve your lifestyle and rebuild confidence.
Ladies take back your control and/or strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with special exercises just for this area. The class is designed to help women who want/need to improve bladder control and is proven to strengthen the muscles below the uterus, bladder and large intestine.

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A Joint Effort: A Pre-Operative Discussion

EMHC Rehabilitation Services offers an information seminar to help you prepare for hip or knee replacement surgery. This free seminar provides an overview of the procedures and will help prepare patients and their caregivers for what to expect before and after surgery.

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Diabetes Exercise, Tuesday and Thursday

Research shows that adding physical activity into your daily routine (along with controlling glucose levels, keeping track of cholesterol & blood pressure numbers, and healthy eating) can help manage your Type II Diabetes!

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Delicious Meets Nutritious PM

This two week series, will meet weekly from 7pm-8:30pm, focuses on flavorful food choices that you can make while still maintaining a well-balanced diet.

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