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Tai Chi for Health Intro, Thursday

Certified Chinese Martial Arts Master, Troy Walzak, brings his 35 years of experience to this ancient internal martial art as it applies to health. Through breath/energy exercises and the learning of a sequence of flowing movements called the Form, the student's objective is to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit. With Master Troy as their coach, students begin their own internal journey towards less stress and improved health.

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Bariatric Seminar for Weight Loss at Elmhurst Hospital

If you are significantly overweight and are concerned about the effects your weight may be having on your health, please join surgeons, Ryan Headley, M.D. and Mark Chol, M.D., with Suburban Metabolic Institute and on the medical staff of Elmhurst Hospital for a discussion about severe obesity and will introduce the new bariatric program at Elmhurst Hospital.

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Why Weight? Know Your Options Seminar

Exploring your weight loss options can be confusing and overwhelming. Let the expert weight loss specialists at Edward-Elmhurst Health help you learn about all the options – from bariatric surgery to medical management to exercise and nutrition resources that they offer.

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Women and Heart Disease

Celebrate Heart Month by making 2019 the year to love your heart. Ann Davis, MD, cardiologist with Midwest Heart Specialists and on staff at Edward Hospital, will provide up to date information on risks, symptoms, warning signs and preventive steps to help you take control of your heart health.

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A Joint Effort: A Pre-Operative Discussion

This free seminar provides an overview of the procedures and will help prepare patients and their caregivers for what to expect before and after surgery.

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Teenagers and Rising Depression: The Technology of it All

Join us for an educational seminar on technology, depression, and teenager. Attendees should expect to learn about setting realistic guidelines.

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