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How to avoid getting How to avoid getting sick during cancer treatment 0 Repin Likes
Dining out and consuming more processed foods are main causes for higher rates of digestive health issues. #HDCHI #Health #HealthTips
Frequent heartburn is uncomfortable and can lead to more serious issues. Learn more. #Heartburn #HDCHI
Help fight inflammat Help fight inflammation with these foods 0 Repin Likes
Having bladder probl Having bladder problems? Use this screening tool 0 Repin Likes
Many people are apprehensive when it comes to getting a #colonoscopy. Learn more about what to expect before, during, and after. #ColonCancer #Cancer #HDCHI #Colonoscopy
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Our medical experts share advice and tips for a healthier life on @hlthydrvnchi’s website. Read the latest blogs and watch our experts on video at!

📷: Kamaldeep Mudhar
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By maintaining a healthy weight, you can help reduce your heartburn symptoms. #HDCHI
Keeping a food journal can help you identify opportunities to make better choices and feel better. #HDCHI #Nutrition #Health
Your teen’s brain ha Your teen’s brain has some growing up to do 0 Repin Likes
Questions to ask you Questions to ask your doctor when first diagnosed 0 Repin Likes
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Colonoscopies can save lives! Learn more in a new blog for @hlthydrvnchi by Priya Bedi Mudhar, PA, who specializes in gastroenterology with Elmhurst Memorial Elmhurst Clinic.
Read it at!

📷: Kamaldeep Mudhar
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The truth is that colonoscopies are a safe, minimally invasive procedure that significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. #ColonCancer #HDCHI #Colonoscopy
Heart patients boost Heart patients boost each other in cardiac rehab 0 Repin Likes
Office etiquette for Office etiquette for cold and flu season 0 Repin Likes
Your doctor can assess your symptoms and may recommend further testing. #Heartburn #HDCHI
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Watch for new content on @hlthydrvnchi in December, including a blog and video by Priya Bedi Mudhar, PA, who specializes in gastroenterology at Elmhurst Memorial Elmhurst Clinic.

Right now, get expert advice on men’s health ...
Colonoscopies Save Lives Priya Bedi-Mudhar with Edward-Elmhurst Health explains how getting a colonoscopy could save your life.
Does vitamin D lower Does vitamin D lower my breast cancer risk? 0 Repin Likes
New treatments for A New treatments for America’s leading health problem 0 Repin Likes
Choosing the right m Choosing the right milk for you 0 Repin Likes
My child has a heart My child has a heart murmur, what does it mean? 0 Repin Likes
Delivery nurse bring Delivery nurse brings comfort to mom during difficult labor 0 Repin Likes