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Even if you aren’t sure if you’re having a heart attack, you need to immediately go to the hospital for treatment. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
A healthy diet can help you lower your risk for a heart attack. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to give people the tools they need to stay heart healthy well into the future. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
Weighing in on weigh Weighing in on weighted blankets — do they really work? 0 Repin Likes
Many people think of heart attacks as happening without warning, but there are often signs well in advance. Learn more about lowering your risk. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
A delay in the treatment of a heart attack can lead to a significant damage to the heart muscle. Learn more. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
What kind of breast What kind of breast screening is right for me? 0 Repin Likes
Twins work together Twins work together for healthier hearts 0 Repin Likes
Some risk factors, such as age, gender and ethnicity, can’t be changed. But others – weight, blood pressure and cholesterol – can be modified. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
Completing cardiac rehabilitation means feeling stronger and having peace of mind with the tools necessary to stay heart healthy well into the future. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
Revive your resoluti Revive your resolution to quit smoking 0 Repin Likes
Alcohol: the devil y Alcohol: the devil you know? 0 Repin Likes
For women, the signs and symptoms of a heart attack differ from men. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
Regular check-ins with your primary care provider can help identify risk factors for a heart attack. #HeartHealth #HDCHI
Women & Heart Attacks Dr. Maria Rosa Costanzo with Edward-Elmhurst Health explains why heart attacks often feel different for women.
Edward-Elmhurst Health began offering Mental Health First Aid training in 2010 and has since educated more than 10,000 members of the #Chicago community. #MentalHealth #FirstAid #HDCHI
Among the signs of opioid addiction, a person will begin to have legal, health, financial or social problems yet continue to take the substance. #AddictionTreatment #HDCHI
It may seem like someone has it all and is thriving in life, but inside they could be struggling. #MentalHealth #SuicidePrevention #HDCHI