Heart Health

Exercises for a Healthier Heart

By Jen Alberto

Your heart is like any other muscle in your body – it can be strengthened with regular exercise.

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10 Tips for Eating Heart Healthy

By Mary Gardner

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your heart health.

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Catherine’s Story: The Lifesaving Power of Heart Scans

By Catherine Smith

Catherine has taken steps to manage her risk by watching her weight, getting regular exercise and eating healthy, but even a careful lifestyle wasn’t enough ...

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Five Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

By Healthy Driven Chicago

Understanding your individual risk – and taking steps to reduce it – is your best chance of preventing a heart attack.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation Leads to Stronger Hearts

By Kent Kennel

Completing a cardiac rehabilitation program can improve the likelihood you’ll stay healthy and lower the risk of a repeat event.

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Heart Attack Symptoms Women Can’t Ignore

By Dr. Maria Rosa Costanzo

Heart attacks occur equally in men and women. Yet many people – women included – believe heart attacks mainly affect middle-aged men.

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Windy City Live: Heart Health

By Healthy Driven Chicago

Dr. Michelle Meziere and Wendy Murphy from Edward-Elmhurst Health appeared on a recent episode of Windy City Live on ABC7 to answer common questions about ...

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Your Heart’s Rhythm: Treatments to Stay on Beat

By Dr. Cash Casey

The heart beats automatically and usually runs smoothly, efficiently and accurately. But sometimes it can short-circuit leading to an abnormal heartbeat.

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Five Cardiac Risk Factors You Need to Know

By Dr. Mark Goodwin

People tend to think if they're feeling good, they must be in good health. But the truth is, you can feel great and still be ...

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