Mental Health

The Dangers of Opioid Addiction

By Healthy Driven Chicago

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, opioid addiction and overdose account for more than 2,000 deaths in Illinois per year.

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Suicide Can Be Prevented – Take Action to Identify and Support People at Risk

By Kelly Bryant

When it comes to suicide, no one is immune. Learning how to recognize the signs someone may be considering suicide is the key to preventing ...

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The Case for Mental Health First Aid

By Amit Thaker

Many of us are trained in CPR – but not as many of us would know what to do when confronted with a person facing ...

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Is Your Teen Depressed?

By Dr. Janice Kowalski

Teenage angst is a thing. But sometimes it’s more serious than occasional moodiness.

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Getting Help for Depression

By Dr. Walter Whang

Depression affects all aspects of a person’s life making it difficult to function normally and accomplish everyday tasks.

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Beating Common Depression Stigmas

By Dr. Susan Ahmari

Although depression is common, there are still many misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the condition.

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