What to Expect After Giving Birth

Congratulations – you’re a new mom! After months of careful preparation, you’ve just given birth. Now it’s time for you to recover physically and emotionally. Contrary to popular belief, recovering from childbirth doesn’t happen in a matter of hours or days. For most women, it takes six weeks for the body to recover enough to … Continued

Should You Choose a Midwife?

Today’s healthcare isn’t about providing a cookie-cutter approach. It’s about providing options to patients so they can find the treatment or care that’s right for their situation. For patients preparing for childbirth, this may include working with a midwife. Midwives are healthcare professionals who care for and support women through their reproductive years – mainly … Continued

Is There a Right Way to Give Birth?

These days, there are many options for labor and delivery. The thing to remember is there’s no right or wrong way to give birth. It’s a matter of selecting what you feel most comfortable with and what’s best for your family. Here are a few of the most common in-hospital options: Natural Child Birth: Although … Continued

Getting Help for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

When scrolling through your social media feed, it’s likely you’ll come across at least one image of a smiling mom and baby. Many women see these types of images and assume all women glow and feel great during pregnancy and after giving birth. But the reality is a lot different. Up to one in five … Continued