Catherine’s Story: The Lifesaving Power of Heart Scans

As the System Director of Cardiovascular Operations at Edward-Elmhurst Health, Catherine Smith is well versed in matters of the heart. It’s also deeply personal – heart disease runs in her family, being the cause of death of both her mother and grandmother. So, she’s taken steps to manage her risk by watching her weight, getting … Continued

Heart Attack Symptoms Women Can’t Ignore

Heart attacks occur equally in men and women. Yet many people – women included – believe heart attacks mainly affect middle-aged men. This can lead to women not recognizing or ignoring key symptoms and putting off treatment until it’s too late. Most heart attacks are caused by coronary artery disease. This occurs when plaque develops … Continued

Five Cardiac Risk Factors You Need to Know

Half of all heart attacks in the United States occur in people who haven’t had a previous warning sign or symptom. This makes it even more important to understand your cardiac risk factors so you can take steps to prevent or detect heart issues before they become a problem. There’s a natural tendency to think … Continued