Catherine’s Story: The Lifesaving Power of Heart Scans

As the System Director of Cardiovascular Operations at Edward-Elmhurst Health, Catherine Smith is well versed in matters of the heart. It’s also deeply personal – heart disease runs in her family, being the cause of death of both her mother and grandmother. So, she’s taken steps to manage her risk by watching her weight, getting … Continued

Jennifer’s Story

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how challenging it can be to stick with it over time. For Jennifer Bodoh, it was a frustrating cycle – lose a few pounds and gain them back. Then repeat. “You might be doing really well, but then you have a bad day and that’s … Continued

Tracy’s Story

For Plainfield resident Tracy Campbell, being obese meant having a lower quality life. Pain while standing and walking, being constantly out of breath, having to say no to playing with her son and using a seatbelt extender were sad facts of life. “I was unhappy and disappointed with myself for being this young and having … Continued