Treating Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries can affect everyone – the young and old as well as weekend warriors and elite athletes. But receiving the right care and treatment can help you get back to your daily activities faster. These types of injuries are often related to overuse. Shoulder, knee and hip aches and pains are some of the … Continued

Windy City Live: Kids & Concussions

Warmer weather means spending more time outside being active. But for kids that can also increase the risk for concussions.   Dr. Lawrence Frank from Edward-Elmhurst Health appeared on a recent episode of Windy City Live on ABC7 to help Chicago-area residents to explain why kids are at risk for concussions as well as how to … Continued

Recognizing Concussion Symptoms in Kids

According to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, an average of 1 to 2 million children and teens visit emergency rooms across the country for sport-related concussions. Often these injuries are the result of participation in sports – football, soccer, basketball, cycling and playground activities – and can lead to temporary loss of normal … Continued

Don’t Skip Sports Injury Rehabilitation

What’s the most effective way to get back on the playing field after a sports injury? Completing a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Proper rehabilitation after a sports injury is essential if you want to get back to your favorite sport or activity. It’s smart to start as soon as possible. That’s because a body recovering from … Continued

Four Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Athletes push their bodies to the limit to achieve the best performance. But to get the most from your body, you need to be able to prevent injuries from occurring. Preventing injuries means being able to train consistently over a period of time, which leads to the most gains for an athlete. It also means … Continued